Privacy Policy

In order to enable the User to use our Service, ExtendD needs to process personal data, for instance, the company name, personal names and email addresses that are submitted as part of the File registration process. The User's data will on principle only be used to register Files and to improve the Service of ExtendD. The User's personal data will under no circumstances be passed on or sold to third of affiliate parties, or be used for financial gain. By using our Service, the User agrees to comply with the Privacy Policy as is set forth below.

This Privacy Policy is an inseparable part of the full Terms and Conditions of DepotCode.

Version: July 15th, 2011

Personal Data

The User's trust and privacy are of paramount importance to ExtendD. ExtendD's aim therefore is to demand as little personal data as possible. However, in order to use our Service to register Files, the User must enter their company's name, their personal name and email address.

To simplify the next visit, ExtendD stores session data on the server, accessible through a cookie, to remember the personal data the User has entered on the previous visit. The Website stores this data for a maximum of 30 days, after which it is automatically removed. The uploaded Files are stored temporarily on ExtendD servers for the duration of the signing process, and are removed immediately after the process is completed. The User may directly download the signed document from the ExtendD server's internal memory, after which the File(s) are permanently deleted. ExtendD does not store, inspect, open or view the content of the Files that are presented for upload, nor does the Website offer a search function, or a catalogue of the uploaded Files or registrations.

Registration process

The process of registration comprises the storage of a unique 'finger print', taken from the uploaded file. This 'finger print' is stored together with the upload date, file type, file size, the number of pages of lines of code, the generated QR Code, the generated DepotCode ID and the company name, personal name and email address that have been provided.

Purpose of Data Gathering

ExtendD processes the gathered personal data for two reasons: (i) in order to operate the Website, and (ii) to cooperate with law enforcement. ExtendD will not sell or circulate your personal data to third or affiliate parties, nor will ExtendD send its Users news letters or use the personal data that has been submitted for any other purpose than those given above. Only data that has been rendered anonymous will be used for statistical purposes, and to evaluate the Website and Services ExtendD provides.


ExtendD takes suitable measures, both technical and regulatory, to ensure the protection of the User's personal data against loss or other forms of illegal processing. Due to technical and operational reasons, the personal data of Users may be transferred through servers located in countries outside of the European Union (EU). In these countries, the European Data Protection Directive does not apply. Privacy laws that do apply outside of the EU might not proffer the same level of protection. By using the Website and the Services that ExtendD provides, the User acknowledges that ExtendD transfers personal data through servers that may be located outside the EU.


Only Users aged 16 and over are allowed to use this Website or the Services ExtendD provides. Minors may use only use the Website when they have their parents' or guardians' approval.

About ExtendD

ExtendD B.V. has its statutory seat at and headquarter office at Larserpoortweg 50, Lelystad, the Netherlands. It is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce ( Kamer van Koophandel) under number XXXXXX .


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