How DepotCode Works

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Eureka! You just had the idea of the century. You solved the Riemann Zeta hypothesis, found the perfect cocktail recipe, or discovered a new web concept (something involving videos of kittens) that will make you rich. You want to share your discovery, but you have this creeping doubt: what if someone steals my idea and claims its theirs? Worse yet: what if they claim that I stole the idea from them?

How DepotCode Protects Your Intellectual Property

DepotCode allows you to share your ideas, while protecting your Intellectual Property. It's safe, easy and affordable. When you register your document, we make a unique fingerprint of that document and register it to your name. From that moment on, you can prove that you owned the document at the time of registration.

You will receive an online certificate of the file, showing your name and the date and time of registration. Recipients of your document can validate it here, to confirm that it is really yours.

We even provide a QR Code, so your printed documents are protected too. Recipients of the document who have a QR scanning app installed on their phone, can immediately open the DepotCode registration page of your document.

How to Prove that a Document is Yours

Register your document with DepotCode and hold on to the signed copy! Remember, we don't store your document, so this is up to you. Keep it in a safe place and don't modify it. Now suppose your document shows that you invented Facebook in 2003. Here's how to prove it:

  • Provide the other person with a copy of the DepotCode-signed document.
  • Refer them to the DepotCode page that contains your registration of the document, including your name and the date of registration. If your document is a PDF, then it should already contain a link to the DepotCode page. (You can also use the QR code.)
  • The other person can now use DepotCode to validate that the document was indeed registered to your name in 2003.

Unfortunately, DepotCode wasn't around in 2003, but thank goodness it is now. Be safe. Protect your document.

Signing PDF documents

No page limit
Max. 100 MB

Registered .PDF documents are labeled in the top right corner with your DepotCode and QR Code. The label is linked to the page that shows your registration page. The QR Code links to that same page and is useful on printed documents. The label on the front page is slightly larger than those on the following pages.

Source code

Support for many languages
Max. 100 MB

When you register a source code file, we add a comment, containing a link to your DepotCode registration page, on the first line. We support all commonly used programming languages, including Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Java, and C#, as well as other kinds of languages like HTML, XML, and CSS.


Max. 100 MB
Converted to PNG and signed with a QR code

JPEG, GIF and PNG images are marked with a QR Code that links to your DepotCode registration page. The size of the QR Code adapts to the image size. If your image is very small, the QR Code will be omitted. Images in other image formats than the ones listed here will be treated as files of an unknown type (see below).

All other kinds of files

Max. 100 MB

Any other file types than the ones listed above will be signed, but there will be no visible signature on the document. It's up to you to store the file and keep track of the corresponding DepotCode URL.

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